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About Us

With a foundation of experience and knowledge built up over 15 years, and a management team committed to exceeding client expectations, we have a proven record in designing and delivering end to end solutions in the digital media applications arena.

Our vision is to provide digital media applications that make it easy for our clients to work within the digital signage world, where they truly benefit from the investment in technology that for so many years has been clouded in confusion.

freetail prides itself on providing solutions that exceed expectations, with an emphasis on service and trust. “We simply get the job done.”

Our Services

Installation & Maintenance

With our established network of technicians across the UK and Ireland, freetail has the structure in place to carry out the field tasks required of our products and services, with core competence working in retail and public sector environments, controlled from our operations centre in Befordshire and using the latest digital worksheet software, we are proud to offer what we see as the very best service in the field.

freetail Installation

freetail Hardware


Each project requires careful thought to provide the right hardware, we work with leading display and projection manufacturers to source the right device, we also work closely with our Chinese manufacturing partner to design and produce bespoke products, with options on battery powered and touch screen designs, we can find the right hardware for every type of project.


Easy to use software will always be one of the key features to our products, "simple is best", whether it's the user interface or the back end administration, we take pride in exceeding the expectations of our clients, providing them with easy to manage applications whilst also giving a great front end user experience is all paramount to our belief in changing the view of digital signage.

freetail Software

freetail Consultancy

Consultancy & Project Management

When we start to discuss a new project, we always ask… "What are you looking to achieve?" freetail has core competence in the diverse world of digital signage and media, with the knowledge and experience to advise, we will convert a strategy to deployment that will maximise your investment. And it doesn’t have to end there, we also offer a project management function to co-ordinate the deployment, embed us in your team to see the job through.

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