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My Simple Sign

Instant and effective, whatever the message!

Take control of signage in your business at a local level with My Simple Sign, a brand new and totally unique complete digital solution. Easy to operate and instant to update, it offers a wealth of opportunity to communicate daily offers, last-minute savings, seasonal or one-off promotions, essential information, product re-calls and anything else you want to tell people about.

Find out more at mysimplesign.com

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Product Visualisation

Product visualisation

See it and believe...

51% of customers will admit, visualising a floor or wall product in an existing room is a difficult task, from samples of paint dabbed on the wall, awkward carpet swatches held up to the curtains, to the tiny samples of flooring products dropped onto an existing floor, it’s never easy to make that final decision. Let’s introduce the double award winning visualiser that truly represents the products and allows the customer to simply and clearly view those products in their rooms.

“As customers can see how it will actually look in their homes they are delighted when its installed as their expectations have been met, no room for disappointment!”

The custom 3D modelling software, achieves a highly realistic representation of the products by manipulating the digital artwork, light and shadows from customers uploaded photos are retained in the image, perspective of the floors and walls is calculated. With the most simple of user interfaces, in minutes you have the visual to convert the sale.

“Uploading own photo is genius, helps to clinch the sale”

Does this equate to a sales uplift? Yes it does, on average 30%

“Its like having an additional sales person, only much cheaper!”

Implementation and tech...

We offer a turn key solution, from fixture design, user interface branding to installation, to support and service, its all covered.

  • Offline operation for the retail environment means your not reliant on the internet to visualise, internet access is required for updates and service issues only.
  • Create a shopping list of the products selected.
  • Template rooms included.
  • Email to and from the screen customers photos and designs.
  • Product updates, and email function supported by freetail.
  • Reporting facility, allows management to view individual sites use, popular products and customer creations. (internet access required to collect data)
  • Options on different sizes of commercial grade touchscreens available. 22” to 65”.
  • Wall mounted, freestanding or built into a fixture.
  • National network of technicians for installation and support.
Product visualisation
Product visualisation
Product visualisation

Midas - fitting room management

midas fitting room management

Unlock the power of your fitting room

midas is a fitting room management system that is simple and efficient. It will enable you to obtain invaluable shopper data, and empower you to turn potential sales into actual sales.

The system

midas is operated via a 22 inch touchscreen device, which can be easily mounted onto a wall or fitting room check-in desk. The interface is easy to use, and requires minimal staff training to operate. On the main screen, there is a grid like display representing the cubicles within your fitting room. The number of cubicles can be set at a local level, as can the maximum number of items allowed and maximum duration of time to be spent in a cubicle. When a shopper enters the fitting room, the user simply touches a cubicle on screen to check them in, and then enters the number of items they have. If a shopper stays in a cubicle longer than the maximum time allowed, an alarm icon will appear on their cubicle, prompting staff to check if they need any assistance. The user can also increase or decrease the amount of items in a cubicle, for example if a shopper asks for a different size or passes an item back to a member of staff. When a shopper leaves the cubicle, the amount of items returned simply needs to be entered, and then the cubicle can be marked as available again.
Other features on the easy to use touch-screen interface include; login detail set up at a local level with a default login account for initial access, selected view of content depending on user rights, the ability to add more than one ‘fitting room’ if you have numerous fitting rooms in your store, and a user administration account with password reset rights.

The benefits

Decrease loss. Increase sales. Provide a better shopping experience.
70% of shoppers will use a fitting room when looking to buy an item or outfit, and these same shoppers are three times more likely to make a purchase.
These statistics alone highlight just how important your fitting room is. When a shopper enters a fitting room they are already on the route to purchase. A bad experience (having to wait, a messy cubicle, lack of assistance) could mean that a potential sale is lost. However if that same shopper is checked-in efficiently, finds their cubicle clean and tidy, and is readily offered assistance, a potential sale is more likely to become an actual sale.

Not only does midas enable you to efficiently manage your fitting room, but it also provides you with invaluable data to make informed decisions. The reporting section of the midas dashboard enables users (with appropriate rights) to obtain the following data for any given timeframe:

  • Total number of shoppers
  • Average duration spent in cubicle
  • Number of items checked in vs. number of items checked out
  • Hourly cubicle activity

You can then use this data to:

  • Schedule your staff rota appropriately to ensure enough staff are available at peak times
  • Manage your fitting rooms efficiently and avoid mess/abandoned clothing
  • Reduce theft – the data will give you an insight into times when theft is more likely to occur, enabling additional security measures as required.
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